Sunday Sprinkles



1. I'm going to keep this post short and sweet tonight.  I'm heading out for my work test this week and i've been super stressed all month – if i've seemed disjointed you know why now – i can't wait for this to be over so i can relax and feel like myself again.  this whole process is just incredibly stressful and overwhelming.  its also crazy to think it's almost over.  if i pass this week im done with testing.  keep me in your thoughts pleaseeeeee and don't hate me if you don't see a recipe this week – i promise to make up for my absence in a couple weeks.

2. all of these things are things i now want.

3. i'm so so happy it's fall and i can't wait to enjoy it and dive head first into marathon training & taking better care of myself!

4. i want this book – i love nikita gill and her instagram is dreamy

5.  if you could go any place in the world right now where would it be?!

6. this is getting me through this week.

7. ummmm hi i finally watched the last season of parks and rec!  so good.  also i'm still loving brooklyn 99 anddddd bingeing on homeland like no other.  what else?  ummm i haven't caught up on scream queens but i'm excited for it and HTGAWM is still amazinngggg. frankie also told me that scandal isn't coming back till january?!  whatttttt?

8. this has been around for a while but it's also pretty relevant in my life right now.

9. also, ummmm. did you watch the amanda knox doccumentary?  i'm so intrigued by her story.  WHAT are your thoughts?