Sunday Stuff



1.  Can we just take a moment to appreciate how comfortable boys' clothes are?  Honestly.  WHY?  Why can't MY clothes be so comfy?  I say that like I'm really upset that I had to steal borrow my boyfriend's entire wardrobe.  Spoiler: I'm not upset.  I love being in Seattle for the simple fact that the weather permits me to LIVE in his sweats and the 90,000 t-shirts I've stolen.  I “joke” with Frankie and say that when he visits he doesn't really need to pack clothes… If only he knew just how bad it really is….

2.  Yoga this morning was amazing… It was geared towards “office body,” and I really felt the difference afterwards.  AND GUYS. HOLD THE PHONE BECAUSE: I MADE A FRIEND.  ugh I know, I'm pathetic.  But, she seems really nice and I may or may not have committed to going “bouldering” with her so we can be friends but that's not the point… the point is: I MADE A FRIEND.  Finally, my plan of making friends at yoga is working!  (Side note: I'm really scared of bouldering, apparently it's like rock climbing without a harness.  Has anyone done this before?  Should I be scared?  Will I die?)

3.  Can someone just buy me a mandolin(e) (I've seen it spelled both ways) already so I can make a batch of these?  I mean I guess I lied, I also need someone to buy me a deep frier… BUT IT WOULD BE SO WORTH IT.  And I'd make you some.  Pretty please?  OH COME ON.  Any takers?  No?  Damn. FINEEEEEE, I'll have to buy them myself.

4.  Did everyone see my reinvented leftovers that I posted on instagram?  Let me show you:



Used to be this:

Von's Burger

5.  So. This made me cry today.  Yeah, I have nothing else to say about that one.  (I really did cry.)  Then I laughed hysterically at this picture I saved to my phone from my coworker:

Duck Dynasty#guiltypleasure #duckdynasty #notashamed

6.  I'm currently listening to Justin Timberlake's new CD, as I write this.  Why is his voice so heavenly?  Why am I so obsessed?  I'm pretty sure last week I wrote about him also (went back and checked… yup, further confirmation of my obsession).  Maybe I need a “JustInTervention”.  Until someone gives me one, I'm going to keep living my life in JT bliss.  Luckily I'm in the library right now which is keeping me from singing. “You got me hopped up on that PUSHER LOVEEEEEEeeeEE”  I really missed my calling.  Seriously.

7.  I'm going to spend the next two weeks in Seattle, and I'm super excited for it.  On Friday, My friend Erin and I took a trip to Bainbridge Island and tried a new mexican place in Capitol Hill.  And then yesterday, I walked around the city all day.  I went to the Library (I'm obsessed with this place), Pioneer Square, the Waterfront, and down to Seattle Center (where the Space Needle is) & Queen Anne.  Sorry I'm not sorry for blowing up your instagrams.

Bainbridge Ferry


8.  I'm making my own variation of this for dinner tonight.

9.  Have I ever told you guys that my grandmother is the cutest woman in the world?  I just love her so much.  I try to talk to her every Sunday and she's always super cute on the phone.  Today, she told me about how all of her fish died and she couldn't figure out why.  Then she realized they were all getting sucked into the filter.  She kills me.  A few weeks ago, I called her and asked her what she did that day and she was like: “oh you know, I spent all day cleaning the fish tank.”  I mean COME ON.  Stop being so adorable.  She's obsessed with these damn fish, and I think it's the funniest thing in the world.  It makes me miss her a lot.

10.  Have you ever heard of Voodoo Doughnut?  Apparently, they are Portland's THING.  Erin made me stop before coming back from Vancouver and get her a Maple Bacon Bar.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  Maple. Bacon. Bar.  Talk about my heaven.  I obviously got one for myself.  Then on Friday we found a place that makes them in Capitol Hill… I think we all know what's going to be the death of my diet. VooDoo Doughnut        Maple Bacon Bars

11.  I'm going to leave you with a picture.  Just because I like it.  Be on the lookout for a smoothie recipe later this week.

Leaving Bainbridge

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