Tuesday Things & Dinner at Deb’s


1. Easter Sunday was just an overall good day.  I was very grateful to be able to spend it with friends, who feel like family.  I had Easter Brunch with Erin & Laura, to which I contributed a really good fruit salad and really bad pasta dish (that none of us ate). Then I had Easter Dinner with Deb & Cameron.  The dinner was less than traditional, but SUPER delish: Mandarin Pork & Rice. Yummm.  And Deb's mint has been doing so well, we decided to make mojitos!


Easter Dinner

2.  I planned on sharing a smoothie recipe with you all last week, but… I got distracted.  I don't know what happened.  I'm sorry.  I'll share that and maybe something else this week :)

3.  Can we just talk about something really quickly?  It's a little more serious than I like to get on here, but it's been on my mind all week: anyone who helps themselves is a hero in my book.  That's a direct quote from a Chris Colfer tweet regarding Cory Monteith checking himself into rehab.  I couldn't have put it better myself and I think it was just so eloquent.  I'm happy that he and Lea Michele are being sent so much love and support… I've seen NO backlash.  I'd like to keep it that way.  This incident doesn't change a thing about him in my eyes, in fact I think I admire him a little more now.  There have been too many people in my life that, at some point, I wish would simply admit they had a problem, let alone ask for help.  I think it's a very brave and couragous thing to do.  I'm happy for him.  To me, he's a hero.

4.  Moving on to something less serious: this past weekend, Laura & I went to see a few local country bands play in Ballard.  We had TONS of fun.  I also went to the zoo this weekend… I'm like the luckiest girl in the world.  There was too much fun packed into one weekend for my own good.  I need to be boring this week to make up for it.  Which means I need to clean my apartment from top to bottom… Spring cleaning time.  Ew.

Laura & I

5.  It's so cold in my office, I've been craving soup ALL. DAY. LONG.  This is from a girl who hates soup.  Except one: French Onion.  I think my problem with soup is that everything gets so soggy.  Chicken noodle soup is like my worst nightmare… the noodles get all slimy.  Ugh.  Maybe I would like it more if I added the noodles at the last minute.  Hmm… I'm going to think on that one.  AFTER I'M DONE EATING ALL THE AWESOME FRENCH ONION SOUP I'M MAKING.  Because there's only onions.  And onions don't get soggy or slimy or ANYTHING because they're awesome.

6.  I used to hate onions.  Until like two months ago when I realized I loved them… obviously.

7.  New favorite show?  New Girl.  Watched the entire second season in one night… there's ONLY like 20 episodes guys, it's fine.  Stop judgingPlease stop judging.  Super excited about Jess & Nick… Almost peed my pants from excitement.  Almost.

8.  I went to Deb's for dinner yesterday.  My boyfriend was extremely jealous when he found out I was going to get back to back nights of Deb's cooking.  Boom.  I won that battle.  There was no battle?  Everyone knows that there's always a battle of who had a better dinner… right?  Want to know what dinner was?  I'm going to tell you, so you mide as well say yes.  Dinner was lamb with mint sauce, asparagus (otherwise known as my favorite vegetable), mashed potatoes, homemade french bread, and angel foodcake with strawberries.  We had “Easter Dinner” yesterday because Geoff works on Sunday nights, so he wasn't able to enjoy Mandarin Pork with us… I enjoyed it for him, it was not wasted.

Rack of Lamb Real Easter Dinner Dessert

9.  I've been missing this place a lot lately:


One of my big regrets was that I failed to keep up with my blog while I was abroad… I guess I'll just have to go backkkkk (woe is me).

10.  In other news, I booked TWO trips home.  One in April and one in June.  Guess who's exciteddddd? This girl.

11.  I'm really loving the dynamic between the judges on The Voice this season.  It's just super funny and playful.  I like that.  Let's all be happy and funny.

12.  I have this problem where I spend all day long staring at a computer without my glasses on.  Then 3/4 of the way through the day I realize, “Oh hey.  You're not wearing your glasses.  Maybe that's why your head has been pounding for the last five hours and your eyes feel like they jumped out of your body and ran a marathon?  MAYBE?  Put on your glasses you idiot.”  It's not rocket science Ash, just WEAR YOUR GLASSES.  God I suck.

13.  Get excited for my oatmeal smoothie recipe.  And maybe a little something else coming your way…

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