Sunday Things


Jungle Shake

1.  My mother and my boyfriend's roommate have been very upset lately that there hasn't been a post, so I'm throwing them a bone.  Things got a little crazy in October with my travel picking up again, a crazy stressful work assignment, and my second grad school class coming to an end.  Now I'm in my third grad school class and it doesn't seem like the crazy is slowing down… at. all.  (Also, I may have been distracted by drinking too many Red Robin Jungle Shakes… sorry I'm not sorry about that one.)

2.  I'm OBSESSED with this.  Which led me to become obsessed with ALL of his stuff, including this.  And all of the Once Upon A Crime segments. Omg stop.  

3.  Has anyone else tried the new Chips Ahoy! cookies with Reese's in them?  I'm like really into them for some weird reason.  I've only tried the blue package ones, but I think the chewy chocolate ones would be bomb.  

4.  Scandal is KILLING me.  Literally it's just killing me.  Why do I love Jake so bad?  Why do I still love Fitz?  Why does Olivia's dad give me the worst chills ever?  Why, why, why?  Mellie's plea with Olivia broke. my. heart.  And I don't even like her.  So much angst.  So much drama.  I can't handle angst the way I used to be able to.  On a different note, I thought 99% of Kerry Washington's SNL episode was HILarious.  Just sayin. 

5.  I got the new iPhone and I'm obsessed with it.  But mine's been having weird malfunctions.  I think I need to take it back and exchange it, but it just seems like a lot of effort.  Grr.  

6.  My travel season has picked up again.  I'm all over the place.  I was in Dallas, TX, two weeks ago and last week I was in Bend, OR.  This week I'll be in Bend again thennnnnnn I get to see my wonderful boyfriend in Utah over the weekend.  

7.  Speaking of Frankie.  He's had me cracking up lately with all of his shenanigans.  Particularly his quotes that Kyle has been filling me in on lately.  For example: “I'm getting a tweet and an Ash text?  I'm crushing it.”  #helovesmeapparently

8.  Part of me wishes I had been semi-productive yesterday, but instead I lounged around and watched youtube videos.  (see number 2 & this as well)

9.  I don't know why I love this so much but I do.  Probably because they're all true.  

10.  It's fall and fall makes me happy.  The leaves changing color this year seems to be ridiculously beautiful.  I'm enjoying it.   Leaves and Toms

11.  That being said, holiday Starbucks cups came WAYYYYYY too early.  Just like Target Christmas decorations.  In the words of my boyfriend, “pump the brakes.”

P.S. I love you all and I'm sorry for the delay in posting.  I have a recipe that's already written and coming your way ASAP and I'm getting to work on creating a burger or pasta dish as requested by Kyle and Frankie.