{I Can’t Believe It’s Been So Long} Things



1. Holy woah.  TWO WHOLE MONTHS.  I'VE BEEN GONE FOR TWO WHOLE MONTHS.  I have no excuses.  I've been spending a lot of time focusing on me and what I want.  And dealing with a ton of work ish & family ish & stuff that has just left me duh-rained.  I've had a bunch of recipes queued up since I was last here and I just didn't have the energy or drive to edit the pictures.  Wah.  I'm sorry.

2. Earlier this month I was home for TWO weeks.  TWO WHOLE WEEKS.  It was amazing and everything I needed to get myself back in check.  Weirdly enough, I actually love spending time with my boyfriend.

3.  Yesterday my coworker told me about a nice “3 mile run” in the area.  What he really meant was a 2 mile run and 1 mile hike up a freaking mountain {read: steep hill}.  I died.  It was 97 degrees out.  I'm literally dead.  

4.  Um have you guys watched the 50 shades of grey trailer?  and the mockingjay trailer?  swoon city over here. So. Excited.

5. I've been doing this thing where I'm going to bed at 10pm.  Does that make me a grandma?  Yes.  Do I care? No.  I love it.  It's glorious.  

6. Is it weird that I want to go on a run and listen to this podcast by my favorite {read: spirit} blogger?  Probably.  Also, I preordered her book and am pretty FREAKING excited to submit for a signed book plate.  ugh.  Also, her pregnancy announcement?  So. Freaking. Cute.  Can I just be her?

7. I'm also utterly obsessed with this stromboli right now.  And Bev's twins.  Cause honestly if Will's hair DOESN'T make you want to cry that-baby-is-so-adorable tears then you aren't human.

8. Frankie and I took this test when we were driving from lil ‘Rhody to Lawng EYEland.  I think I got 27 and he got 23.  we're ashamed.  It's fine.  (Spoiler: he DEFF owns boat shoes.)

9. Also, I'm ashamed to say that we had a conversation about how neither of us knew what “turn down for what” meant.  The only things I could come up with to explain it were: (1) turning down the radio -> therefore stopping partying or (2) “turning down” the bed, like when you get turn down service at a fancy hotel?  Shoot me.  We had to look it up on urban dictionary.  <- we are officially old.

10. OREGON JAMBOREE PART II THIS WEEKEND.  UGH I literally CAN NOT wait.  Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, Jake Owen, Billy Currington, Eli Young Band, Blackjack Billy.  Give me all the camo.  ALL OF IT.

11. This has been fun.  Let's do it again sometime.  Maybe.


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