Tuesday Things


It's been forever since I last did one of these posts.  Here's a weekly dose of my reality:

Public Market  Hewooo

1.  I accidentally broke my HUGE jar of crushed garlic yesterday.  I almost cried… and not because there was glass everywhere.  What an epic waste of garlic.  The saddest part?  I actually considered scooping the garlic that was still in the broken jar into a tupperware container.  The only thing that stopped me was the prospect of eating glass when I used it.  Even then it took a lot of convincing to throw it in the trash.

2.  Four awesome birthdays happened last week.  My baby brother turned 17 on Thursday, his birthday was shared by my college roomie/bff Lj (who's OH so mature now that she's 23… I'm still mad at her over a certain conversation in which she may or may not have convinced me her boyfriend proposed on her birthday, it totally didn't happen [but my heart swelled at the prospect]).  Then my little cousin, Abby, turned 16 on Sunday, her birthday was shared by my Seattle bff Laura.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE.  (Nothing makes you feel older than watching people you remember being born get their license.  UGH make it stop.)  Next week I won't be able to jam out to Tswifty's “I'm young and hot anthem,” 22, any more.  THE HORROR.  Who are we kidding?  I'll pretend I'm still 22 and jam out.

3.  Speaking of Tswift, I have this theory that she's trying to steal my identity.  IRONIC that the second (okay, maybe not a second.  but still, within a year) I move across the country she decides to buy a mansion in my native state?  I don't think so Swifty.  I'm onto you.  Rhode Island's the smallest state in the country, WHAT REASON COULD YOU POSSIBLY HAVE FOR WANTING TO MOVE THERE.  As far as I know, you're not dating anyone.  I see no reason.  Before I know it she's going to swiftly (pun intended) buy my childhood home…  Who do you call for identity theft?  I should probs put that number on speed dial.  Just sayin.

4.  My mom posted a really embarrassing picture of me on facebook the other day.  I'm holding my little brother a few days after he was born.  That hair cut.  Someone should have done something.  Although, I really shouldn't be surprised.  Back then the woman in control of my style let her shorts/pants to double as additional bra support.  I swear, looking at old pictures makes me wonder why “high-waisted” anything was ever in.Embarrassing Old Pictures

5.  I have like five days to read A Casual Vacancy for book club.  Someone send help.  And energy drinks.  And a few more hours in each day.  That would be nice.

6.  I went to Folklife Festival with Deb and Cameron this past weekend.  I had a really fun time.  Living in Seattle seriously makes me question what my fashion sense is going to look like when I leave this state though.  My boyfriend should consider himself warned.

Folklife Festival Folklife Festival

7.  Because I am a child at heart, I went to see Epic last night.  It was super cute and I'd totally recommend it if you have kids… or if you don't.

8.  Also, I have finally caved.  My boyfriend won the candy crush battle.  I am officially addicted to that stupid game.  I love myself and I hate myself.  If you don't get that reference (a) have you been living under a stupid rock? and (b) here go watch this.  Thank me later.

9.  MUAHAHAHAH.  My email just reminded me that I'm going to the Kenny Chesney, Eli Young Band, Eric Church, and Kacey Musgraves concert on Saturday.  (the evil laugh was not an appropriate reaction, I'm aware… this is not the first time something like that has happened to me.)  I could pee myself out of excitement.  Yes, I said it.  Deal. With. It.

10.  I'm 90% sure that there is a fight going on outside my apartment right now.  I need to finish this post asap so I can stick my head out the window (inconspicuously) and watch everything go down.  Exhibit A: Why I don't have cable.

11.  I'm going to leave you with this.  It makes me cry of laughter nearly every time I watch it. “Am I trippin son?  Instagram dat joint.”  I think my favorite is the kid at 2:35.  That would be me.

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