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What I Ate Wednesday


It's that time of the week.  What I Ate Wednesday is making it's second appearance on the blog.  I know you guys are like DYING of excitement.

I decided to go with what I ate on Memorial day, to see what a full day of holiday eating looks like for me.  It might not be that pretty, but it'll be pretty boozy. ;)

So here we go guys, this is What I Ate on Memorial Day.



For breakfast I woke up early (because my job has desensitized me from being able to sleep in… EVER) and made myself two pieces of whole wheat toast with super chunk peanut butter while I worked on the blog.  This has been my go-to all week long.  Throw a couple bananas on there and you're in heaven.  I've been digging the 45 calories & delightful Sara Lee Whole Wheat & Honey bread… SO GOOD.  I also had two glasses of apple juice, because I'm a crazy rebel.

Brunch Collage

Lunch (ish)

I headed over to Deb's after eating to go see Epic with her, Cameron, & Geoff.  When I got there it was around 12:30 and she was making Cameron brunch.  I snagged a few pieces of yummy watermelon & bacon.  Have you tried the salt on watermelon trick?!  I've seen it on Pinterest everywhere, but I haven't actually ever tried it… until now.  Now I have.  And my mind has been blown.  nomnomnom.  Also, after “lunch” Deb & I had a glass of yummy white wine.  My go-to is always Riesling.  I'm my mother's daughter.  Luke was all about being pet, he wouldn't leave me alone.  He actually kept leaning on me… as if he had to try, I'm a big softie for that dog, even after he knocks over my wine… twice.

Snacks and Drinks

Afternoon Snacks

We headed over to Ballard to cash the matinée showing of Epic… unfortunately it was sold out.  It wasn't a completely wasted trip though, because you might have seen on Instagram that I headed to Cupcake Royale and got a Salted Caramel Cupcake.  Ugh.  My weakness.  It's too good.  I'm drooling, and moving on now.

Afternoon Drinks

After we regrouped from our sold out show with treats, we decided to buy tickets for a later show and go back to the Doyle house for an earlier dinner.  When we got back Deb made us Mai Tais!  In honor of the unofficial start of summer she wanted to try something new & exciting.  They were super yummy.  THEN, she decided to get CRAY and make us Crimson Tides.  These were really good too, but I liked the Mai Tai better, the Crimson Tide seemed a little too sweet for me.

IMG_0158 IMG_0160


Do you remember how yesterday I told you I went to the Folklife Festival this past weekend?  Well, while we were there Deb and I ran into this Jam/Mustard tasting station.  We both really loved the Apple Chipotle Mustard.  Deb ended up buying us both a jar,  thanks Deb!  For dinner she thinned out the mustard with a little apple juice and lemon juice and marinated our chicken for kebabs in it.  Our kebabs had chicken, peppers, onions, and zucchini on them.  They were super good, and just as we suspected the mustard made an AWESOME marinade.  I used a little extra mustard for dipping my chicken & veggies.  And I also drizzled some on top of the rice we had on the side.  All in all, this meal was a complete success!  And I obviously had another glass of wine.  Apparently, I was really into drinking my calories that day! ;)

IMG_0161 IMG_0162


After dinner, Cameron headed out to a piano lesson & Deb and I had a heart to heart about life while finishing off our bottles of wine… anddddd breaking into the champagne with Chambord.  Doesn't get much better than that!  From there we went to see the movie & where I obviously had to have some popcorn.

Wow.  I really decided to pack it all in for Memorial Day!  I'm pretty sure that holidays are a big weakness of mine.  But, regardless I had good food & great company so I'm just thankful.  No regrets!  Join in on the party, get over to Jenn‘s to link up what you're eating.