Tuesday Things


1.  Have you missed me?  I've missed you.  I had a momentary (read: week long) identity crisis.  AKA: I accidentally lost my blog's password (read: I typed it incorrectly repeatedly… for a week) and didn't have the correct email linked to this thing.  Imagine my horror.  I was actually entertaining the idea that maybe my biggest fan (*cough* Kyle *cough*) might have hacked in and changed my password and was trying to steal my life.  That was OBVIOUSLY crazy… and I'm OBVIOUSLY paranoid.  Good news: I can type sort of.

2.  I'm super into The Voice this season (thanks to Deb, Cameron, & Geoff) and last night did not disappoint.  Who did I vote for?  Amber, Caroline, Josiah, and Michelle.  I thought they all had amazing performances.  I wasn't crazy about the group performances, I felt like they weren't a “group.”  I think the teammates are just SOOoo different, which is good; but the group numbers weren't my fave.  Also, Shake It Out is one of my favorite Glee covers so I think it was just hard to compete with that in my heart.

3.  Two weekends ago I got to go to a Mariner's game and to the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley.  I had a great time at the game, it was “college night,” so Laura and I went early and pretended we were still college students.  The tulip festival was just beautiful.  It wasn't even that nice of a day but the flowers were just so pretty.  If you're ever in Washington in April: Go.  That's an order.                                                                                                           Mariner's Game! Tulip Festival Tulips - Red Tulip Gradient

4.  I'm currently in San Francisco.  I'm so excited to be here!  This is my first time in California (crossing off another state on my list) and one of my coworkers is going to show me around after work today.  If you have any suggestions of things to do/see please let me know : )

5.  Speaking of new experiences and crossing things off lists, I tried In & Out Burger last night.  I was torn about ordering things “animal style,” what is the consensus on that?  Is it good?  I just ordered regular.  It was okay, I didn't think it was anything special.  It definitely didn't top Five Guys for me, don't kill me for saying that you Californians. In-N-Out Burger

6.  I LOVE finding blogs that are written by people I know.  I figured I'd share two that I recently found and love:  Caitlin, Amanda, & I studied abroad in Florence, Italy together.  Caitlin is dating one of Frankie's roommates from Italy.  Amanda went to Bryant University with me.  I love them both and their blogs are super cute, check them out!

7.  I'm in love with my new purse & flower flats & anchor phone case.  I'm nautical/flower obsessed right now.  I'm like a pirate flower child.  Yeah, I'm gonna stop this now. Shopping Spree

8. Watch this.  You'll thank me.  One of my friends posted it on her facebook and ugh its the cutest thing ever.

9.  Seattle weather this weekend was just amazing.  It was sunny and beautiful.  I went to a beer garden/taco challenge in celebration of the Fiesta 5K (don't think for a second I ran it… you know me better than that).  I laid in the grass and drank margaritas and got a sunburn.  It was wonderful.  On the walk home I stole found a pretty flower in someone's bush/tree.                                                                                                                                            Flower <3 Seattle Sunset

10.  This is just in case you need a good laugh.

11.  In case you had any faith in me left:  I spent three hours of my Cinco de Mayo making & freezing chicken potstickers.  In my defense, I did make guacamole & sangria for book club that morning too.  At least there was some mexican food/drink going on.  Never mind the fact that I ate pizza for lunch.  #noregrets #recipecoming

12.  I can just FEEL that I'm not going to get a text/call/email from Kyle telling me how funny I am because there are no duck dynasty references in this post.  WHY CAN'T THE “SEASON” JUST BE CONSTANT NEW FOOTAGE OF THEM?  I would really just like to trap them and get a constant live feed of what they do like I normally have of the orca‘s at Sea World.  (yes, I am aware that the orca footage is on a 12 hour loop & that it's currently inactive… stop trying to spoil my fun)

This is for Kyle:

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