Workout Wrap-Up


HIIIIII.  as you can tell from this post one of the things that has really changed in my life over the last few months is my focus on health in general.  I've been working out consistently and eating healthy (80/20 for the win here) for the last four months and I'm seeing amazing results.  its wild what a small shift in how you look at food and workouts can change everything.

so because this has become such a huge part of my life now, I like to share a weekly recap of my workouts on Wednesdayyys. this is a new series and as always I welcome your feedback!  Do you love it? Do you hate it? TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS.  im very needy.  I'm sorry.

M – 5K walk + Flat abs fix; 576 Move cals

T – 3.3 mile walk + cize Core; 657 MOVE CALS

– Rest Day; 572 MOVE CALS

T – 2.5 mile walk + Pilates + PT; 676 MOVE CALS

– 6.6 mile walk; 713 MOVE CALS

S – 2.5 mile walk; 523 MOVE CALS

S – 25 min run + 2 mile walk + yoga; 498 MOVE CALS

wrap-up thoughts:

This week was okay.  i opted not to run the brooklyn half marathon which was a really difficult decision.  i just want to be ready for the full marathon in november and i'm trying to focus on that.  i'm also focusing on rehabbing from the inside out and transitioning into an anti-inflammatory diet.  i'm happy to talk more about this if you guys are interested!

i DID still go to the brooklyn half and watched frankie and he did SO awesome, he PR'd by about 10 minutes!

so this week… i'm focused on nutrition and my stretching/PT.  what are you guys focused on?!

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