Workout Wrap-Up


HIIIIII. it's been a hot second huh guys?  I havent posted meal plans OR workout wrap-ups!  I honestly just fell out of a routine.  it was my birthday and PT and trying to take things EASY. and I was probably a little TOO lenient with myself.  but last week was the start of marathon training.  EEEEEEKKKK. so I'm back and it means i'll be back with more workout recaps and eating clean again.

M – Yoga Fix; 458 Move cals

T – 2 miles + Time Trial; 673 MOVE CALS

W – Upper Fix; 587 MOVE CALS

T – Rest Day + PT; 410 MOVE CALS

F – 3 miles + Pilates Fix; 700 MOVE CALS

S – 5 miles; 565 MOVE CALS

S – 2 miles; 451 MOVE CALS


wrap-up thoughts:

My legs felt really fresh on most days and i was SO grateful to not run into IT band issues.  I've been taping up my knee with KT tape (i bought a giant thing of it and asked my physical therapist to show me how he would use it) and i think that helps a LOT.  I think the only day that my legs felt tired was on Sunday, but i can't say i'm super surprised after 3 runs in a row.  OOPS.

My training schedule didn't call for a run on Friday, but i missed it on Thursday because of PT so i pushed it to the next day.

UMMMM. the heat is BRUTAL.  incredibly aggressive and i knowwww its not even bad yet so i'm getting scared about what's to come.  I'm trying to workout in the mornings (ummmm life changing btw!) and i'll have to freeze water bottles to take out with me if i get caught in a non-morning run. if you follow me on instagram (@ashtonesup) you probably saw that i'm OBSESSED with my coola sunscreen.  i use the sport mango guava.  it's amazinggggg.

OTHER THAN THAT. i think things went really really well.  I did decide to do a video recap of my thoughts on the training period, sooooo without further ado:

in terms of my fitness journey as a whole, I FINALLY hit the milestone goal of losing 20 pounds since January 2nd!  i'm so excited and even more excited to throw myself more into coaching.  exciting things to come 💕

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