Sunday Sprinkles



  1. I almost forgot to write this post!  I've gotten sucked into too many Christmas movies this weekend (i'm watching a Christmas Melody right now!) so i might have to keep it short and sweet.
  2. Frankie and I are on Long Island this weekend spending time with his family (which I LOVE). I made monkey bread with his mom and we've been hanging out with his brother and sister and it's just SO nice.
  3. Where are you guys going for the holidays?  What are you doing?  Who are you celebrating with?  We head to Rhode Island on Tuesday and I'm so excited to see my family!
  4. On that note, I told you guys alllll about my Christmas traditions of appetizers on Christmas Eve – this year were a little limited because the stove at my aunts doesn't work.  What are some ideas for things we can bring and eat cold or heat in a skillet/microwave?  Tell me all the things.
  5. I'm thinking about signing up for a half marathon in April… Am I crazy?
  6. Have you guys played 94%?  It's a trivia/family feud-ish game that were OBSESSED with (find it in the app store).  It's a problem.
  7. TV.  I can't lie – I don't think I've watched a single SHOW all week.  I'm in serious Christmas movie mode.  But can I ask what your favorite Christmas movie is?  Mine's The Santa Clause.  But really any crappy Christmas rom com will do. 
  8. A few happy birthday shout outs to Emily, Daniela, and Olivia this week!  Love youuuuuu girls!
  9. I wish I had something super Christmassy to share with you this week, butttttt be on the lookout for delicious everything chicken on Tuesday!  I promise it'll be the perfect after the holidays pick me up!